Our parent company, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION, located in Japan, has combined its core technology with ever developing techniques to provide various new materials capable of adapting to the changing needs of people, their standards of living, and the environment, since its inception more than 50 years ago.

The name RIKEN TECHNOS is a melding of the words “RIKEN” “Technology” and “Supplier”. The name is an indication of its dedication to being a “Material Solution Supplier,”, with help of plastics processing technologies that RIKEN TECHNOS has cultivated for more than 50 years. RIKEN TECHNOS has actively cultivated overseas markets, such as in the United States, Europe, and Asia, since its establishment.

RIKEN TECHNOS has eight (8) overseas affiliates. Among them, We, RIKEN TECHNOS EUROPE B.V. and RIKEN U.S.A. CORPORATION are wholesalers of plastic films holding local stock facilities.

At the root of this business expansion there is RIKEN TECHNOS’ creative development, with continually new ideas and innovations based upon its original technologies. RIKEN TECHNOS will respond to the client’s present day needs with the utmost reliability, as it offers suggestions for handling future needs.

With business activities that have expanded to various materials required for such high quality products, RIKEN TECHNOS pledges to accomplish sustainable growth.

As a material solution supplier, RIKEN TECHNOS aims to enrich people, their lives and the environment.