Welcome to Riken Technos Europe B.V.

Riken Technos Europe B.V. was established and registered under the law of The Netherlands in 2003 as a 100% subsidiary of Riken Technos Corporation, which is organized and existing under the laws of Japan. Please refer to the website of our parent company : http://www.rikentechnos.co.jp

Over the years, Riken has built a solid reputation for outstanding film based technology and quality. Our films are well known for their brilliance, finish and ease of processing. Investment in new machinery for calendering, laminating, coating, etcĀEhas resulted in the creation of a variety of film products.

Among our series of films, Rikenís speciality in the European market is high gloss foil composed of PVC and/or NON PVC material. A variety of other applications could be possible by utilizing a wide range of production processes and coating technologies available in Japan, combined with compounding knowledge, which is our original core specialty.

Throughout the world, Riken work with local partners based on the principle that deeper understanding of local requirements is the most effective method of maintaining the highest level of customer services and after sales support.


6 - 9 Mar. 2016 in NEC Birmingham, UK -----

Riken Technos have supplied unicolour and printed films to kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom markets in Europe for over 25 years. Films are applicable for flat lamination, profile wrapping, and vacuum formed lamination. Bespoke unicolour and printed designs are available on request to contribute design expressions combined with Riken Technos technologies of blending resins, film processing, film lamination, and coatings.

31 May - 2 Jun. 2016 in Messe Stuttgart, Germany -----

Riken Technos Europe B.V. is a challenger that harnesses the power of science to improve the quality of life and create a safe and affluent society. As a material manufacture, we would like to provide new value and satisfaction to automotive market through our technology. We show an advance decorative film produced with unique technologies by blending resin materials, film forming, laminating and coating.

  Products introductions

We have a variety of film product lines, such as:

- Thermoformable film (for both 3D and/or 2D applications) for kitchen/furniture
- Steel lamination film for refrigerator and electronic appliances
- Self adhesive wall paper
- Window decorative film
- Functional window film (for heat and UV cutting)
- Other films such as flooring film, flexible flat cable etc.        Read more › › ›

Kitchens & Furnitures -----

Thermoformable film (for both 3D and/or 2D applications) for kitchen/furniture

Electronic Appliances -----

Steel lamination film for refrigerator and electronic appliances